The five basic impulses of life and the human beings

The five basic impulses of life and the human beings

The Universal Energy

There are and existing five impulses in the whole living world: in the plants and in the animals as well as in the humans, but only the humans are in that positition that the impulses can get to conscious from unconscious, so they can be harmless, and controlled. Knowing the impulses and recognizing them in persons help in self-knowledge and knowing others, so they are the important tools of helping and treating others.

All impulses have conscious and unconscious presences. Their intensity of presence, their direction and their balance or unbalance can be concluded from the types of behavior, and from the typical symptoms.

At the five impulses the first word means the unconscious form, the second word means the conscious form.

1.) Aggression-Aggressiveness

The component of the universal energy, which belongs to the defense of the own territory. This controls the whole immune system. It contains the most and the basic energies of life, so it is important to be in the right place. This energy makes it possible, that like an individual person we can protect our inner and outer areas, borders.

Its equilibrium disturbance can be recognized as extreme abnormal cases. The extrovert form of aggressiveness can be shown up as anger, grumbling, nagging, criticizing, or a person loudly protests against something, or makes magisterial statements. Some people are functioning outward like that. These people feel themselves so bad, that they direct their aggressiveness to somebody else. Its extremity is killing, violence, losing self control.
There is real inner peace, but most of the people live in pseudo peace, and suppress their aggressiveness. This can be different graded. With suppression the social expectations are realized, and results of the directed out aggressiveness can be avoided. Suppression of the high intensity aggressiveness can explode at the end.
In the introvert form of aggressiveness people are shy, they are unable saying "NO", they do not show anger out, so they hurt themselves, and in the extreme form they can get to suicide.

Why are not in place these impulses at so many people?

This impulse is its in place, when the child was loved and accepted, raised with strong consistency, but the parents could have been understanding with giving the proper freedom, they knew and respected the child''s individual and helped its development. When it happened this way, the energy is in its place. But only a few people have the opportunity, because the child learns from examples, and this impulse is not solved at most of the parents either. Childhood suffers, caused by the ordinary raising, caused manifestations of extrovert forms of different type of aggressiveness.

How can we put this impulse in its place?

The process of detoxication, elimination helps, so the aggressiveness can become conscious, harmless, controlled only by elimination.


This is the part of the universal energy, which controls the whole elimination or detoxication psychic and somatic process. On somatic level it is easy to imagine, it is the metabolic process itself, on psychic level it is the removal of childhood and later traumas.

The unconscious presence of disturbance in equilibrium can be shown in vegetative symptoms. The extrovert sweats all the time, has diarrhea, often vomits, so continuously, extremely or in attacks excretes, eliminates. The introvert has constipation, hardly sweats, in the opposite hardly excretes the unnecessary. On the psychic level the extrovert''s symptom is that he/she studies something, but unable to keep it, what he/she gets loses it right away. The introvert can hardly eliminate, cherishes injuries, they prey on his mind; he/she is unable to get rid of that what should get.

When the impulse of aggressiveness is not in its place, the elimination, detoxication impulse is in disturbance. For example the cause of studying problems at school or memory, concentration disturbances is some trauma, what break the equilibrium of aggressiveness-elimination impulse. These two impulses are the base of understanding the others. The aggressiveness-elimination impulses always brake together, and if we want to help, we have to influence both.
These two together are the Chi Energy. (It is also called "Cosmic Life Energy") If it is not in its place it destroys and poisons outside or inside in different size.

Solving possibilities: beating bags or dried tree can be a possibility in physical level, this relieves psychic tension, this lets the kept or overflowing aggressiveness go or also this procedure removes aggressiveness. Symbolic practice is writing out the trauma on a white paper with black pen and to burn it, or to flush it down on toilet. This should be kept doing regularly at least once a week until aggression changes, elimination happens. Maybe weeks, months, or years are needed. The old fixed things are always a longer process to eliminate. The outwriting can go hard first; consciousness resists painful memories of unconsciousness. Practice is needed for upbringing of the depressed contents of the unconscious. Later the consciousness accepts it, and gets used to it. All psychotherapy and analysis help elimination. During process these must be full attention, but not the many times painful emotions are needed.


That component of the Universal Energy what makes us growing on physical level, on psychic mental level makes us to find our place in life. The unconscious ambition starts with the conception and this process is in the front until the age of 25. It controls the whole metabolism and vegetative functions. It helps to find our place in the family, in the society, it helps to learn to walk, to talk, to adapt, to get territory, to occupy.

How can it be studied?

When it is not in place, it terms of extroversion makes competition as a compensated inferiority complex: this man wants to be the best, the strongest, the smartest and above all wants to get money, diploma, power, authority, wants to dominate and from these wants even more. In extreme case he can become a dictator. The introvert does not dare to accepts his/her place, low key, timid, enervated, can not take the control into his hands.

How can be recognized that the impulse is in its place?

When somebody is happy, satisfied, independently of place, occupation, state of family, society. When we are satisfied with what we have. This does not depend on the objective state, a shepherd or a street cleaner can be happy and satisfied. For the right ambition, for its balance, to find the place, there must be balanced energy of the aggression.


The part of the universal energy, that something attracts removes, makes us to act. Assimilation is in the unconscious point of view on physical level any physical and the overriding important sexual attraction, mentally the attraction of heart. Consciously it can be any realized attraction or induce concerning, influencing us.

Extreme manifestation of sexual attraction in extrovert form is a person who wants to make conquest all the time, needs sexual and emotional victories, because they do not have real self confidence. Introvert form the unbalanced man is not able to make relationship, they lock themselves in.

How can be recognized, that the impulse is in its place?

The person lives in a happy emotional relationship, the sexual life is all right. In case of real spiritual calling this can connect to power of God or supernatural power, when this impulse is not escaping, if it is not pathologic, if it is not excited by failure of real relationships. This impulse in place is the experienced of love itself.


It is the component of that universal energy, which controls assimilation. On unconscious level, assimilation is all what we eat, inhale, on psychic level what we make to our self. On conscious level it is about the same, set conscious. This conscious assimilation crowns the other impulses with putting the other impulses to their place.

The process is helped by understanding the conscious and noted dreams. Dreams are sending messages from the unconscious what we are not receiving into our conscious, so what we are not assimilating.

The five impulses are together like a rocket. Its two soles are the aggression and elimination, its body containing the engine and the fuel is ambition, its sights are the attraction, (the target is achieving love) and at the end building up the rocket, putting the parts together in place is assimilation.

So treating, recovering must begin at the bases, to make aggression - elimination balanced and to achieve the conscious control.