The lowdown on e-cigarettes

The lowdown on e-cigarettes

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The electronic cigarette - otherwise known as the e-cigarette - is a device that''s seen its popularity soars in recent years, mainly due to introduction of smoking bans around the world.

Through the heating of liquids, the lithium-powered sticks allow smokers to gain their daily intake of nicotine without their habit influencing those around them. Current devices produce no smoke whatsoever and eradicate the need to carry around lighters, papers or bulky pouches of tobacco.

A highly innovative creation, sure, but they aren''t for everyone. Don''t be surprised to still see traditionalists still making a hash of rolling-up whilst taking a phone call around 10 years from now. However, if you''re looking to learn more about electronic cigarettes, here''s a quick briefing on your potential investment...

E-cigarettes in their current form look exactly the same as a traditional, brown-butted cigarette from a distance - but a close-up will reveal the finer details. Its components are housed in strengthened plastic casing, so the device can take a fair amount of pressure in your pocket.

Located in the butt is a vaporizing chamber and heating coil. The two combine to heat the nicotine liquid (inserted previously into its cartridge) and convert it into a light vapour for the consumer to inhale. The mouthpiece can be accessed through a small hole in the tip of the device.

A lithium battery will power the e-cigarette and can be charged using a charger very much similar to those used with mobile phones. The element that requires a regular charge is the vaporising chamber.

Developers have spent years attempting to create a product that can seamlessly replace its traditional counterpart, and they''ve done a sterling job. In fact, many say that an electronic cigarette delivers the same sensation as a roll-up or packeted product, while others believe it helps to reduce the dreaded ''smokers cough'' and sharpen their sense of smell.

As aforementioned, the mouthpiece, function and even the colour have been carried over. They''re designed to be an exact replica of the real thing.

There are a number of clear advantages to be had by switching to the electronic cigarette. For one, you''re able to smoke without your clothes also receiving an intake of their own. There''s also no need for you to lug around a crumpled packet of 20 in your pocket, while lighters (and the problems you might have getting them to work) are a thing of the past.

As the e-cigarette does not create any smoke, you can use them in public places like restaurants, bars, buses and airports, while huge savings can be made on buying one single device rather than 20 Camel or Marlboro every week.

The devices can also be utilised as a quitting aid, as a smaller amount of nicotine is used during the combustion process. However, they''re not intended as nicotine replacement therapy and can still only be used by those 18 or over, in the UK at least.

Harry Gammons is involved with the research work of electronic cigarette and its effectiveness. To him electronic cigarette is healthier, cheaper and environmental friendly alternative of smoking. That is why he refers E-cigarettes as an alternative cures for smoking.