Yoga. Meditation. Do this.

Yoga. Meditation. Do this.

We believe so strongly in the power of yoga and meditation practice to instill a sense of balance and health, that we consider it an integral part of our therapeutic approach. Whether part of a Functional Medicine prescription, energy medicine program, mindfulness practice, etc., we recommend diving into yoga and meditation, and doing what you can to let it work for you. Whether you practice at our welcoming space or an outside studio, we put our full support behind you.

We''d really love to have you practicing with us, and so we offer a range of attractive options. Our instructors are thoughtful, dedicated and wise individuals. We can hold the space and keep it real for anyone. There is NO ONE who cannot do yoga and meditation. No one.

Curious? Here''s what we need from you: If you are interested in taking yoga and/or meditation classes at Med-A-Physical, please contact us below to let us know what days and times might work for you.

Thank you!

Below is my own testimonial to the power of meditation to change a life for the better:

What meditation means to me

Many years ago, I decided that I had heard enough good things about meditation, that I would give it a try. I probably came to the practice in the same way as many: incredibly stressed out, and looking for a “quick fix.” By the time I got to that point, I decided not to even dabble in it, just jump right in and go “whole hog.” I signed up for a week long silent meditation retreat to take place between jobs (leaving one job, starting another), and dove in. Right before I was to travel to the lovely retreat center which was the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, I fell ill. I had my first fever since childhood, with a temperature of 102 degrees. I felt awful, at times bordering on delirious. I could recognize my illness as a manifestation of the stress catching up with me and a weakened immune system, and I was very disappointed to think that I would have to miss my retreat. I called IMS though, just to see what they would say. With no hesitation on her part, the lovely woman on the other end of the phone encouraged me to come anyway. She seemed quietly confident that the retreat would aid in my recovery. And so it officially began – my love of meditation.

Since that retreat many years ago, I have continued to practice, with the voice of one of my instructors coming into my ear often saying “It''s not rocket science. Just show up.” I had initially approached it as something I had to be fairly intense about in order to learn to do well. Under the gentle guidance of my instructors, however, I came to understand that meditation practice is first about showing up. Just sit down and be still. Be quiet. Five minutes turns into 15 minutes, turns into 30 minutes, turns into 60 minutes. Take it at your own pace and do not compare yourself with others. If you show up, you are doing it right. Each practice compounds on the previous practice. Before you know it, you learn to take quick “breaks” during the day and return to that familiar place of stillness to quickly shed the stress, and in my case release the tight feeling in the throat or chest that arises when something goes wrong. You learn to slow the world down around you. After practicing for even a short time, I could see that meditation stopped the racing in my mind; the endless “to do” lists, replays of the day''s events, anticipation of the future, etc.. In those moments of calm and stillness, my mind learned to take a break. My body followed. The stress and tension drained away. I began to notice that I was breathing,and I could feel that breath is life. Life. Alive. Living. Breathing. Being. Thankful. Thank you.

    Please drop us a line to let us know if you would like to see yoga and meditation classes at Med-A-Physical, and what days/times would work for you. Thank you!

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