2009 November Easy Weight Loss Diets

2009  November  Easy Weight Loss Diets

How I lost weight using a unique easy weight loss diet!

Hey Alexis here that me on the right now!

If you are looking for some easy weight loss diets then I am glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading! 

A while ago it was a totally different story before I discovered how to lose weight fast and easy! I was 67 pound heavier, the weight of another person really.  I was at my lowest and depressed, weighing in at 195 pounds, I was totally miserable.

I had tried all sorts of weight loss programs even the Hoodia and Acia Berry pills, they did absolutely nothing for me, not even a pound weight loss, can you imagine the frustration! I just seemed to be stuck in a trap, not going out because of the way I looked, which made me feel really useless and I had lost all confidence in myself. 

Anyone reading this who have had a weight loss problem will know exactly what I mean.

My husband Steve seemed to be constantly annoyed at me, because I would not go out, and even when I tried to explain how I felt he never seemed to understand, I felt he had lost interest in me as a woman.  He would just keep saying, do something about it!  Real easy coming from someone who has never had a weight problem like me!  I also felt I was letting my kids down, can you imagine how guilty I felt about that! I really needed a fast weight loss program!

After I had my two children the weight just kept piling on I just got bigger and bigger.  I was never out of the fridge.  I think I made pregnancy an excuse to eat as much food as I could, and I could really put it away.  I could eat a full packet of biscuits and just not really know I was doing it, until I went to the packet to get another and it was empty!!! 

I was just constantly eating I was out of control!

Things totally changed for me after trying many weight loss diets, I found one that suited me where I lost weight quickly, and believe it or not I could still eat some junk food that I loved!  So when I saw this diet, I thought… “Eat what you want every other day? Hey, sounds good to me! these guys just might be on to something!”   It was the best move I ever made, and it was a fast weight loss program and I like things to work quickly, I am that type of person and for me it really was the best weight loss plan I had come across!

Click here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

I am that kind of person I wish I could be really disciplined like other people but I’m not!  When I watched this video I got some valuable tips on how to lose weight.  It also explained things to me that I could understand where I had gone wrong in my quest to lose weight!  Click here to see the video it really worth watching!

The only negative things I could say about it is that it took me a bit of time to adjust to the changes in my diet, and to decide which diet plan to use, as there are a few to choose from!  But I can honestly say it is the best easy weight loss diets program I have ever used and I have tried a lot! 

When you purchase this diet plan you will be surprised at how little it costs! you’ll be given a free 30-day membership into this Tony Robbins style motivational series geared towards helping you reach your health and fitness goals. I found this really valuable, especially with times when you are feeling like giving up, and just want to head to the fridge, even though you know you are not hungry! But when you speak to Jon he has a warm, inviting voice that is friendly and down-to-earth. It’s like he’s sitting there talking to you in your living room.  He totally understands because he’s been where you are!

When I look in the mirror now thanks to this fast weight loss program! am absolutely delighted, I am like a different person I have got my confidence back, and I love getting dressed up to go out!  I’m sorry to go on about it but after losing 67 pounds on this fast weight loss plan, and that was coming from a position where I just could not lose weight I cannot rave about it enough I just want to tell everyone. 

Click here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

Discover Easy Weight Loss Diets That Work!

If you looked at my previous post just down the page a bit, my weight loss journey on finding easy weight loss diets, you will already know of my struggle to lose weight.  For me I always needed a quick weight loss program, and I found it by surfing the internet one night The wonderful video that I found just transformed my life!  If you are like me, and want to see it now and don’t want to read more justClick here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

For all of you who want to read more I feel I have achieved so much using this quick weight loss program.  I am now 128 pounds and have lost a whopping 67 pounds, yes that’s right, if you have done the maths I weighed 195 pounds!  I am sorry to say that I let my weight get so much out of control. It is so easy to let your weight escalate!  I just love food and especially all the sweet things, I just can’t get enough of them, even though I know too much is so bad for my health I just couldn’t stop!

When I watched the video it just totally fascinated me not all of it was my fault! And what really amazed me was that you are forbidden to count calories! It’s a painful process that usually leads you down the road to more frustration. Always looking at the labels and using a calculator to figure out how much food you can eat is just no fun at all. What’s more…it doesn’t work. Did you know that people who count calories are some of the least successful dieters?

Diet disaster is caused by two things, stress and fear. Most diets are designed to increase your level of stress. And almost every diet makes you feel fear. You know that dread of falling off the dietary wagon? I hate that! It’s no fun to live your life worried about cheating on your diet and focused on food all the time, is it?

The good news for you is that you don’t need to eat like a fitness fanatic. Or like a machine without feelings. You  won’t have to eat celery all day long either (I just hate celery!). That’s because easy weight loss diets system was designed for real people who live real lives and enjoy real food.

Most diets just assume you are some kind of robot designed to live in the kitchen or, even worse, live on salad all day long. How boring is that?

You don’t want to live like that to get the body you deserve. Why? Because you will hate every minute of it. If you don’t love what you eat you will never last on any weight loss system for very long. That is why almost every diet fails eventually. Sure, you can will power your way to some weight loss, but eventually you just gain it all back again, and end up back to square one.  Don’t you wish you could just find out how to lose weight fast and easy!  Well you can believe me just watch this 5 minute video, what have you got to lose but weight

Eating should be enjoyable and fun!! Your meals should be tasty and provide you with enough flexibility that you can easily lose weight for life. You should still be able to eat the food you love!

The bottom line is that if you want to lose all the weight you want, and keep it off. and never want to be ordered to eat “salads or shakes 3 times a day” then its time to change.  Isn’t it a nightmare trying to keep track of all those grams, ounces and calories while your eating out, its just unworkable isn’t it?

Who can blame you? I certainly didn’t want to do that either. No one wants to!

So if you are tired of strict diets, rapid weight loss diets that don’t work, emotional eating, and counting calories, and you want a permanent solution to weight loss, that is fun and effective this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

Click here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

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Lose Weight – Easy Weight Loss Diets

Hey Alexis here that’s me just at the side!

I just want to tell everyone how I managed to lose weight really quickly.  I am not a techie on the internet so I am sorry for things being so basic.  I just wanted to tell everyone about my success on losing weight!  Sorry if it sounds boastful but I am just so proud of myself! 

You should read this if you have ever had a weight loss problem like me, I lost a total of 67 pounds using this easy weight loss diets plan.  I was just so miserable being fat and feeling ugly. I just had to do something about it.  When I found a way on how to lose weight fast and easy I could not believe it!

I watched a 5 minute video that I came across on the internet, and it really changed my life!  I had become a fat miserable middle aged women, to the healthy self confident woman that I am now and in a short period of time, using this fast weight loss plan! 

Click here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

That’s me up on the corner the way I am now!  I hated getting my picture taken in the past but if you click the “Before Photo” just under my photo you will see how I used to look! 

I look happy in the picture which was taken with my mom, but believe me I was utterly miserable.  I still hate looking at that photograph! I look about the same age as my mom! I was only 38 and my life was just a complete disaster.  I just seemed to be constantly on one weight loss program or another trying every diet plan out there.  The more diets I went on I just seemed to put on more weight

If you are are like me and tired of the diet merry go round and want to get off of it permanently, then get ready for a pleasant surprise. The superb fast way to lose weight is authored by a guy who hates dieting. That’s right. Jon Benson hates diets. 

As a best selling fitness author and life coach, Jon Benson feels it’s his duty to offer struggling dieters an alternative way to go on a diet plan, with the least amount of pain involved. Meaning, this diet plan is different than most others you’ve come across.

Actually, he offers easy weight loss diets plan, but in saying that it is more of a healthy lifestyle plan than a traditional fat burning diet plan.

This fast weight loss plan will teach you a different way of thinking about calories and fat and how your body processes both. Jon believes that “fat is fuel” and, therefore, it’s an essential part of our diet.

Losing weight isn’t about starving yourself of most fat (let’s face it , many of our favorite foods contain ample amounts of fat). The majority of us just love junk food, me in particular! He explains in his video that fat is part of our every day eating environment, therefore, trying to eliminate it from our life is unrealistic. 

A diet filled with such extreme depravity will cause you to fail and that was where I was going wrong every time. Instead of starvation and deprivation, the diet uses what’s called Planned Varience. You will have Burn Days and Feed Days. On Burn Days, you’ll eat low calorie foods that are high in protein and contain a good amount of carbs. On Feed Days, you get to eat whatever you want, within reason. The idea is that there’s enough variety in your diet that you are neither starving or overeating.

The down side for me was that you do not need to count calories, and it took me a while to get this into my head, because of all the other crazy diet plans I had been on in the past!  But for me it really is the best weight loss program and the weight loss results I achieved speaks for itself!

Click here to see the video that finally helped me to lose weight quickly

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This is how I look now after losing

67 pounds I am so happy I now weigh

128 pounds!"To see my before pictureClick here

Lose Weight – Easy Weight Loss DietsEasy Weight Loss Diets!Discover Easy Weight Loss Diets That Work!

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