Bigger Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger

The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body (The Build Healthy Muscle Series)

The Review:

I''d been working out religiously five days per week for about 2 years before I began Michael''s program. During that time, I''d made fairly nice progress for the first 6 months, but then after that I plateau''d. I wouldn''t actually gain or lose after that point.

I tried changing my excercises, taking every supplement under the sun (except steroids), and special diets. Then I began doing Michael''s program. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was gaining muscle again. Not any ridiculous overnight changes, but I was steadily gaining real lean muscle.

Within a few months of sticking to the program I was actually excited with my muscle mass and the way I looked for the first time ever. I''m a tough gainer, meaning I naturally put on muscle slowly and I''m also much more prone to gaining fat. But this program definitely operates for me. I gave it to five or six of my buddies who work out as well, and every single one of them began gaining muscle Much quicker they were previously.

I was actually pretty shocked by that, because from I''ve seen over the years, various programs work for various people and everyone is unique. I''d never seen one program that operates the best for everybody, but that is exactly what happened with this program. I guess it''s because this isn''t so much a program as it is just the basics of how gaining muscle and losing fat operates. I know people who used the data in "Bigger Leaner Stronger" to get real large and also people who used it to get lean and cut, down to about 6% organism fat.

I''m still using this program, trying to achieve my ultimate objective, and now I''m comfortable knowing that I will--as long as I stick with the program. Nice luck making your objectives, too. I think "Bigger Leaner Stronger" will help you do it.

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