DO you think i have a problem?

DO you think i have a problem?

DO you think i have a problem?

Okay, So i’m a recovering anorexic, and i have always had issues with food. Well on Sunday i went to a super bowl party and there was food everywhere! Well of course i binge. And I ate everything! Like Soooo much chips and salsa, Bread and spniach dip, like 7 pop-tarts peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches (they were orderves we made for the party), Then they brought out enchiladas so i ate some of that, and than chocolate cake and ice cream than more chocolate cake and ice cream, than some more bread in ranch dip and like 10 frosted cookies, and some chocolate chip cookies, than some more spinach dip and everyone else was chowing down too so it didn’t help any.

Anyways I also had a normal breakfast before the party also!

So i just wanted to know if i had a problem b/c this is what happened the next day…

I had two large poops than ate break fast

Than i ran 8 miles under an hour, and did 50 leg lifts on each leg, 50 yoga ball lifts, planks, and 200 crunches

then had another large poop before dinner

For Dinner i had: a Turkey cranberry wrap and a few scoops of fat free frozen yogurt.

I used to weigh 77 and now i weigh 90 and before i got anorexia i was 120.

Every time i binge i poop sooo much and i usually poop about twice a day on average and sometimes i see chunks of food in my poop. do i have a problem?

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that was a lot of diff. foods digested at one time. It could cause diarhhea w/anyone. that said you also have had a problem w/anorexia that could cause lots of organ problems. Good for you that you are gaining wt. but do it sensibly. Eat healthy foods and take care to eat the # of calories ea. day that doctor prescribed you eat. Don’t worry too much. Try not to binge Your stomach has shrunken from the anorexia and it can’t digest that much food at one time. Try your best to eat sensibly. Good luck and keep up the weight gain slow & steady.

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DO you think i have a problem?

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