Off-Shore Fishing

Off-Shore Fishing

Off Shore Fishing Stress

Dr. Berend conducted his initial study with fly fisherman to identify specific repetitive motion injuries many people experience with this sport. He has been looking into other types of fishing and the injuries that these participants experience. He believes that while each fishing sport uses different types of rods, reels and methods, many of them have similarities. It is these similarities he believes that may be causing the muscle, joint pain and discomfort that fisherman experience. While it is true that off shore fishing uses both a weight and a lure while casting, the motion and stresses on the elbow, wrist and back can be similar.

Dr Berend adds: "We feel that the same well-thought-out, and ergonomically friendly products we are offering to our fly-fishing brethren will be equally as effective in preventing or helping the elbow, wrist, and back pain that many anglers experience.”

Dr. Berend suggests the Angler’s Back Support for those anglers who experience back pain while fishing. The frequent sudden movements of the boat and the sometime-awkward motions that the angler performs can increase or exacerbate low back pain. Stooping, bending, squatting and twisting are often required while fishing on the shore or off a boat. The Angler’s Back Support may help reduce the over exertion of the back muscles that may be at the root of the low back pain.

Our other products can help relieve stress for elbows, wrists. and ankles.

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Disclaimer-Dr. Berend cautions that we are not diagnosing specific problems or suggesting any treatment. Joint and muscle pain can be symptoms of other more serious medical conditions. We urge you to see your healthcare provider concerning any pain and discomfort that you are experiencing.