Virtual Health Center

Virtual Health Center

I mentioned the other day in our blog about being in Orlando last week remember, the trip where I was almost beat at my own game by Smoothie King?

Well I was down there with a good friend a superstar in the training world Brett Klika. Hes been quickly climbing the ranks in the industry, now regularly speaking around the world, working with top athletes, executives, stay at home moms and dads, and kids alike.

When we were in Orlando, we grabbed a workout one day, had dinner one night, caught up and of course talked shop.

And he told me this very cool new program he created to stop the fat loss circus with real world solutions, not some hokey pokey quick fix gimmicks.

One thing we talked about was just how many gimmicks are actually out there. Weve both seen our share of hyped up programs, infomercials, and talked with “experts” who feel as if they have the holy grail (or at least can sell you on it).

As we talked I told him about what I thought was THE most important part of any fat loss puzzle. In fact I wrote about it a few weeks ago and it told people to stop thinking! Then we went back and forth and came up with a few more ways to lose fat permanently and stop the fat loss circus.

Simple. Yet very effective.

  1. Move more. That doesnt just mean the right exercise, although thats crucial but less sitting and more movement each day is key.
  2. Practice the “Push Away Diet” the one where you push yourself away from the table when youre satisfied, not stuffed.
  3. Avoid liquid calories.
  4. Get the majority of your carbs from veggies, some fruits and beans.
  5. Do the RIGHT types of exercise. That doesnt mean spending hours moving slowly on a human rat wheel (otherwise known as the treadmill where you are moving but go nowhere at all).

Again. Not gimmicky, but effective. Brett co Read full post…