Weight loss pills in you expirience ?

Weight loss pills in you expirience ?

Weight loss pills in you expirience ?

Posted by Emily Progemy on January 10th, 2012

jg Asked: Weight loss pills in you expirience ?

what weight loss pills have you tried to loose weight? did it work? for how long did u take them and how much did you loose? did you diet and excersize along with it? any side affects? where did u buy it and what price(pls only answer if you had tried weight loss pills.) i personally dont believe in weight loss pills , but i just want to lose 20 pounds , i just had a baby a month ago and i want my body back . dont tell me to just work out and eat healthy, im just curious about the diet pills ..


New guy Answered:

Dude I swear to you, oxy elite pro works wonders. I am not a spokes person, just a simple Mississippi boy who has had trouble losing weight.

cherie blair Answered:

nopillstakebestkeep yourmouthshut when around fooditsthe cheapest way tolose weight toobreastfeedthebabathathelps too

GEENA Answered:

read about it here


open the first and fifth green link

there for detail info bit.ly

Sunnyside Up Answered:

Diet pills do not work.They are a gimic to get you to purchase their product.Every single one of them will tell you to cut back in calories or give you a diet to follow while taking the pill and to drink lots of water.WELL DUH.If you omit the pills and do that same routine you will lose without paying for the pills.I've heard that Sensa is a good product that you sprinkle on food because it curbs your appetite so you don't eat so much.The real way to lose is to detox your system.There is so much junk food and junk in food that your kidneys and liver which detox the body cannot even detox it since they are loaded with too many toxins.If you detox you will lose lots of weight just be doing that and then watching not to eat wrong choices or too much.It is not fat that makes you fat.It is bad carbs like flour and starches so omit breads and pastas and yellow foods like squash and corn in your diet and eat greens, fruits, nuts and good quality meat that is antibiotic free.Then walk.The more you walk the faster you will lose.Or you can sub the walk for a stationary or regular bike.