Cancer Published Health Links

Cancer  Published  Health Links

An interview with Dr Samuel Epstein

Dr. Samuel Epstein: Over recent decades, the incidence of cancer has escalated to epidemic proportions, now striking nearly one in every two men, and over one in every three women in their lifetimes. Even more disturbing is the recent recognition that the very high incidence of cancer is going to increase further still, and by the year 2050, it will be doubling the current very high incidence rate.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer What are signs and symptoms?

You should know the signs and symptoms of cancer. Many things can cause these signs and symptoms, so consult your doctor if you have any.

Prevent Cancer - How to Prevent Cancer

Explore how to prevent cancer in these simple lifesaving tips. Cancer prevention is as easy as making a few lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference!

Cancer - Signs and symptoms - NHS Choices

It is important to be aware of any unexplained changes to your body, such as the sudden appearance of a lump, blood in your urine or a change in your usual bowel habits.

Mesothelioma - High Price To Pay For Asbestos

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