Health and Wellness with Ken

Health and Wellness with Ken

When the body’s balance between alkalinity and acidity is out of whack, when deficiencies of various minerals, enzymes and vitamins, build and become chronic, the body lets us know through discomfort, pain, swelling, even fever that things aren’t right. This is caused primarily by nutrition that is deficient in some way(s), exercise that is either non-existent or too prolonged and vigorous, insufficient rest, and the weight of too much stress.

What button did I press? More than likely if you are a person who is suffering with a “medical condition” more than one of the above-mentioned areas are at play.

Thinking correctly will be the first step to understanding, admitting (or confessing) and then correcting the problem.

Wrong thinking assumes that all the food you buy at the supermarket is “good for you” and “is sufficient to keep you healthy.” Wrong. A century ago, all of our vegetables and fruit were bought from our neighbor farmers, who grew them. Their vegetables and fruit were not sprayed with insecticides, nor was the ground in which they grew pumped with artificial fertilizers. The fertilizer was the droppings collected from their cattle in the field and barn and from what was left from harvested grain that was then turned over into the soil to enrich the soil. Their cattle roamed free eating from the grasses and herbs that grew on the prairies and meadows, they were not fed prepared grain injected by hormones and manufactured drugs.

Rather than insecticides protecting the consumer, rather than the hormone-fed cattle, sheep and poultry being good for the consumer, rather than pasteurized milk and fruit juices being more healthy for the consumer, they have stolen the good God naturally put in them and given the American consumer a deficient diet. Even those items that are normally the most healthy to choose, if bought from any of the large market chains, is deficient in nutrition. That’s a fact. So, if you wish to build your health, find a farmers market where fresh seasonal produce grown organically (without pesticides, hormones or drugs) is sold. Start there. Then eat most of your green and yellow vegetables raw.

This means that when you buy your flour – you will buy the raw wheat, barley, rye, corn, rice, and have it ground at a mill so that you are getting the full kaleidoscope of nutrients … and no unnecessary processing or gluten added. Understand this: all packaged flour bought in your supermarket, all breads and pasta offered there, all canned food, all packaged sugar has been through a “process of refinement” that takes OUT most of nature’s God-given qualities and presents you with something that is largely dead … so that you are affordably feeding deficiency into your body. There is, therefore, a good reason for vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements to help make up the growing deficiencies in our western culture’s diet. [By the way, a good "Kitchenaid" mixer has a grinder accessory for grinding to make flour right at home.]

[You may well have heard a nurse say something like: “Vitamins aren’t really necessary. If they make you feel psychologically better, go for it. All it’s really doing is turning your pee yellow.” I think the medical profession has been trained to respond with that retort. But this is getting off the subject.]

Determining what supplements you need, what supplements your body can efficiently absorb is a matter with which most of us need assistance and help. However, this is essential. It is to this that most of this blog is devoted.

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