Kegel Exercises For Men and Women

Kegel Exercises For Men and Women

Kegel exercises initiated by dr . Arnold Kegel in 1945 . Initial goal is not to help warm the lives of husband and wife , but as a treatment for women who often felt unable to hold urine . Health problems occur due to the decline in the uterus due to loose or thin pelvic floor muscles , called Pubococcygeus or PC . Unexpectedly, after doing gymnastics routine , the patient dr . Kegel admitted their intimate lives for the better .

Kegel Exercises Benefits

Women and men can kegel exercise to strengthen the muscles of the intimate area . Advantages of Kegel exercises for women are , the muscles around the genitals and pelvis will be trained , making it more sensitive and more receptive to stimulation . For women who have just given birth , these exercises can also help sex organs back into shape more quickly . In addition , for women who are difficult to hold urine , due to stress , for example , Kegel exercises can also help them . Kegel exercises for men on a regular basis can reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation , because the ability to control muscle contraction increases . In addition , this therapy is said to help men feel repetitive peak . With the pelvic muscles and the muscles around the sex organs strong , couples sex life will not be boring because it is physically possible to do both variations of movement during intercourse .

How to Perform Kegel exercises

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Kegel exercises is quite easy , can be done in any condition , anywhere, and anytime . You can do it in a standing position , supine , or sitting . If you do it while standing , try strapping to keep the spine straight and your shoulders do not droop . If you do lying position , lie down and relax, put the arm on the floor . Make sure your body and mind in a relaxed state , so you can do Kegel exercises without weights. How to do Kegel exercises exactly as we hold urine and waste withstand winds at the same time . Squeeze hole intimate areas , hold for 5 seconds then release while exhaling . Do it over and over again with the old frequency withstand further increased to 10 seconds or more . The more routine the sooner you feel the benefits of Kegel exercises .