Menopausal Dryness

Menopausal Dryness

Is it normal for a menopausal woman to experience dryness in her vagina and it does sometimes appear b

be white on the inside? It is not yeast, I know because I do not sting, nor do I have a discharge. Is vaginal dryness appears to be white, sometimes inside? I want to have sex with my husband and it keeps happening. It is very frustrating.

Yes, the drought is caused by changes in your body because of menopause. And yes, it causes a whitish look. Hormone replacement therapy helps, but, of course, there are risks with it. The only answer is to use more lubricant during sex.

There may be new drugs (HRT) that allows this, then your box, you can ask your doctor. It is certainly worth your time.

Vaginal dryness is a common condition among postmenopausal women may still be regulated by the law to your gynecologist. Consult your doctor experimenting with ideas developed by non-medical friends, family, etc. .. Self-medication is dangerous

As age advances, it has some body modifications. Is one of those. If you want a sex life, try lubrication (preferably with natural oil) reached the place before intercourse.

Do not reply on the result. Maybe I can help someone better, depending on your comments.

Talk to a herbalist (Chinese or Ayurvedic) and seek to increase plant estrogens. You can make a tea with them. Continue to use throughout your life. If you and your husband are interested in having a better sex life then ask which herbs will increase testosterone.

Yes, it is quite normal, perhaps using a lubricant like KY or would have sex with your husband, do not cause more pain to be cheering .... Welcome to dryness after menopause .... ;-)

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