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Submitted by greg on Mon, 2007-01-01 17:31. gregs blog login or register to post comments

With the new year dawning on us, is starting an open beta period. You can register on the site to start enjoying some of these benefits during the beta. Registering and providing feedback will also allow you to help shape what this site becomes making it more useful to you:

For each practitioner that you enter into our system we will pay you $10. Each review of a business will earn you $5. You will only earn money for the first 2 posts each month and the posts must be of reasonable quality (determined by accuracy of information and a minimum of 200 words in the description or review of the business). Payments are made as gift certificates to the location that you entered or reviewed or to any other practitioner that is already listed on our site.

Practitioners can get free blogs - guaranteed traffic and advertising for your company with minimal fuss and minimal effort. As long as you register and create a blog post during the beta period your blog will always be free! Sharing ideas and news about your company on our blog endears you to your current customers and helps win you new customers - this is probably the cheapest form of advertising that you will get.

Invite a friend, earn points, get schwag

Our point system will allow you to trade in your points for shwag in the future. What kind of shwag? Well, it''s your site, so you should decide. Leave a comment here letting us know what you think the shwag should be. A gift certificate?

The site is just starting and growing. Help us to make the site more useful for you by suggesting changes in comments below or via the contact form - your input will determine the future of the site!

There''s a tentative roadmap of features for the beta period. And the timeline for that roadmap is to be completed by March of 2007. At that point we will re-assess and plan out the next phases in the site - hopefully with a group of dedicated users helping to shape that direction.

Stay informed on our latest news!

The Colorado Health Community is currently in an Open Beta period. You can sign up for an account which will require administrator approval. We are seeking testers to help us shape the future features of the site. So if you are interested please sign up and include some background and motivation for helping with the site in your "bio". Read more about the beta

To stay up to date as the site progresses, subscribe to this blog. You can either use the RSS Feed or register and subscribe to the blog posts (note: you must be registered and logged in for the subscribe link to work - it''s free, so register).

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