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May 25, 2010 By Nick Leave a Comment

Smile…you are on the right path!

There is something magical about making someone smile. For that one brief instance in a person’s day, week, month or life, everything seems to vanish and there is a moment of pure bliss. Smiling is healthy and contagious. I love to smile and I love to share the wealth. This is one of the reasons I am drawn to yoga!

Whether it is the knowledge, the classes or the community, yoga provides me with an escape from the fast paced world. It has allowed me to be more appreciative of my mind, my body, my relationships and my journey. I am finally learning how important it is to accept where I am in life and embrace the reason that I am here.

We all are students and teachers. I often ask myself ”what did I come here to learn and what did I come to teach?” I am naturally drawn to the people within our community that are on the same journey of self-discovery, realizing that we are all on a path of greatness and that we all have a specific purpose.

My experience as a soccer player challenged me physically and emotionally, but nothing in the comparison to power vinyasa. I leave every class with a great work out and a smile, ready to spread my love into the world!

I accept my journey and am pleased to fill you with love, inspiration and the acceptance of who you truly are.

There is no finish line in our journey of discovery and we are where we are supposed to be, enjoy the trip!

Inspiring people to find a creative way to get healthy!

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