Increase blood circulation and reestablish youthful color and vibrancy

Increase blood circulation and reestablish youthful color and vibrancy

Acupuncture and the blending of Microcurrent Technology have also proven to be of help with acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Some of these syndromes are as follows:

Traditional Chinese Medicine also treats the respiratory, digestive, reproductive and musculoskeletal systems, in additional to the neurological system. Optimal Health may also be greatly enhanced through anti-aging protocols. Diet & Lifestyle counseling, Nutrition and self-massage techniques.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation - a non-surgical, revolutionary, facial lifting treatment.

The Tao of Beauty

The most revolutionary non-invasive facial treatment currently available. The procedure actually stimulates the facial area to tighten and tone giving the face a visible lift.

Counteracts the ravages of sun and aging and poor dietary habits. Without invasive surgery. An array of essential oils, chinese herbs and pearl creams as well as collagen, are also implemented to help sustain, nourish and promote younger looking skin, within the treatment protocol.

Single treatments may also be provided for those special occasions when one wishes to look and feel at their absolute best.

Refresher sessions recommended for periodic maintenance every 3 to 6 months.

Enhances and prolongs the results of peels and other surgical procedures, when such approaches have been chosen.

A holistic approach to sustaining beauty and health. Utilizing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Therapy with Microcurrent technology. The only difference is there are no needles.

Mild electrical body vibration stimulates the many functions. Through the use of probes, sliding and lifting easily and painlessly.

Electro medicine is considered by many to be the major future of medicine.

The program is designed to:

Dramatically improve muscle tone
Reduce puffiness around eyes
Stimulate elastin and collagen production
Increase serenity and relaxation

Naturally rejuvenates the overall appearance of the face and neck. This non-surgical "natural" approach to facial rejuvenation results in a feeling of well-being that radiates from the inside out. You will see the results after just one session.

Treatment Inclusions and Other Options

Each treatment may also include a Traditional Chinese Health appraisal to assess body imbalances.

Optional Needle Therapy for Stronger Effects
Stimulation of Scalp and Body Points
Facial and Neck Tui-Na (Chinese Massage)
Herbal recommendations for imbalances such as dryness, fatigue, etc.
Dietary and nutritional recommendations
Self-care instructions

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