Protein makes up an essential part

Protein makes up an essential part

Protein makes up an essential part of your every day diet and chicken is a fantastic, lean source of that needed protein. Here''s why:

• It is versatile. Chicken can be cooked in almost anyway and accompanied by seasoning or a marinade of choice, which allows it to flow seamlessly into your Slimming Diets.

• Good quality protein. Just 4 ounces of chicken meat will give you nearly your whole complete recommended daily intake. It will give you up to 2/3s of your RDA. Protein ensures healthy bones for all people, including the elderly.

• Boosts your immune system. The four ounce service you just had will provide you with nealy 50% of your RDA for the trace mineral selenium. Slenium is needed for producing glutathione, which is a key player in boosting your immunity levels as well as fighting cancers.

• It offers some protection from Alzheimer''s disease and forms of Cancer. Have you heard of the vitamin Niacin (it''s also known as vitamin B3)? It is this vitamin which offers some protection against the diseases as it can and does protect your DNA from cellular damage. Over 70% of your recommended daily allowance of Niacin comes from a single serving of chicken. Because of this, chicken is looked favourably on by people looking to keep Alzheimer’s away as studies have shown that those who intake the RDA (or at least some of it) of Niacin are less likely, than those who don''t, to contract the disease.

• An energy boost. The vitamin B6 in chicken is one that will help your body manage any carbohydrates in your system as well as keep good control over your blood sugar levels. What could be better? This is why chicken makes up such an important part of your Slimming Recipes.

Now that you know all of the benefits that chicken can offer you it is important that you understand some of the risks that might be apparent in the chicken meat itself. Chicken might be tasty and very good for you, but if you know the problems surrounding it then you might think twice the next time you''re standing there in the supermarket wondering which packet of thighs your family will enjoy the most.

The Dangers of Standard Chicken...

There are a number of strict guidelines that control the use and production of organic labelling with regards to chicken, which begs the question "what is the problem with conventional chicken meat?"

A conventional chicken, also known as a ''battery hen'' is one that has been reared up in a tightly packed ''pen'' with as many as 500,000 other birds. These chicken farms see that every square inch of free space is used and that as many birds as possible can be put in, but at what cost? The food they eat is also an issue as it is GM (genetically modified) corn and grains, which have been grown under the control of fertilizers and pesticides. Another addition to the already upsetting lists of off putting reasons is that these chickens are given growth hormones to make them plumper (meaning more meat) and medications to make sure that they don''t catch one of the guaranteed infections that will be flying around in said conditions.

So what is your alternative choice?

You can choose to eat corn fed and organic chickens as these are the healthier choice. Why?

• They have a higher mineral and ''goodness'' content.

• Higher in vitamins such as vitamin A.

• Have a much lower fat content (at least a 21% difference in the amount of total fats they have as well as a decrease of up to 30% for the saturated fats)

• Have double the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, these are the essential ones.

These are the chickens tro buy as they haven’t been given steroids, hormones, medications or drugs. They have been raised on a natural, healthy diet and have been allowed to roam the land like a real chicken should. A happy hen is a tasty one.

Many online slimming sites and even the slimming clubs you visit will talk to you about eating chicken, and now you know the best types to go for.